Monday, 23 January 2012

Chilly out there

Just taken Max, my GSD for a toddle.  My legs don't feel my own today, a bit wobbly, vague feeling.  A bit blonde I suppose.  Think I'll buy some chocolate and get comping, lots to enter!

My First Post

So, why write anything?  Good question really.  For me.  A bit like a diary.  So I have a record of my comping, and I hope, my wins.  And so I can moan about my MS without upsetting family and friends.  They don't need to hear it.

Grr.  sql error when I try to enter the tropicana comp on face book, and they have some lovely prizes today too, in addition to their orange juice. Oh well! Can't win, or even enter, them all. I did get a lovely email last week saying I'd won a telly from tickbox. I mustn't be greedy.