Friday, 15 January 2016

December wins 2015

False eyelashes. thanks to Fashion&stylePolice, @Olojay on twitter. She sent them straight to my daughter.

£10 iTunes from Sweetbeats daily. Added to Lisa's Christmas present.  That competition is still going, like I need any more excuses to eat sweets. 

Taken For Dead by Graham Masterton, thanks Ali The Dragon Slayer.  Yay, a present for me at last!

KrispyCreme assorted dozen - a scrabble friend fb'd me this one, and I clicked it without looking at it. I sent the voucher to her to use, and she sent my daughter some more eyelashes.

Massage in London thanks to Le Coin de Mel. Mel was fine with me entering to give to my daughter. I'm in North Wales, but my daughter's in N7.

Month of XLS tablets thanks to Sonia at mummyconstant. Lisa was hoping I would win some to help her shift her tummy this year. They aren't cheap either!

Case of 9bars, I won and Lisa won.  Lisa's arrived today, and I don't like them.  Still, a friend here does, so she will probably end up with lots of them.  And I bet my daughter will like them too. 

£5 Marks and Spencer voucher. Another one for Rach. 

£50 ish Walker picture books. Lovely big parcel.  They neighbours have most of them, and a couple to another friend for her two little ones. 

And the last, and tiniest prize of the year. A carton of Del Monte fruit juice.  Well, who doesn't drink juice? 

So Lisa and Rachael did the best out of my December wins, but that's okay.  I get to see the screen tell me I'm a winner.