Sunday, 23 February 2020

I'm still alive!

I haven't written anything for ages, but I am still alive. Last year was nuts.  My partner of 19 years, partner and carer too, went on holiday and didn't come back.  She only told me she was leaving me when she should have been home.  So that took a bit of getting over.  I'm okay now though.  Though I could really have done without an extra health problem.  A really painful hip finally sent me to see the GP.  She prodded and felt, and sent me for a xray.  At least my hip is fine; it's referred pain.  Spondylosis of lumbar spine and it's so sore.  I always thought I would have to get a stairlift, but because of my multiple sclerosis.  The stairs are so difficult, painful and exhausting at the moment.  To get up them and down.  First stage tomorrow.  The gas meter is getting moved.  So if the road is dug up tomorrow, it's my fault.  Outside my house that is, not everywhere in the UK.  And there's a certain New York man I'm really rather fond of...

Sunday, 10 April 2016

March wins and filled in that PIP form

Three wins on the first of the month.  I so love to be told I'm a winner.  Which is funny really, that's almost better than the actual prize.  Almost.

£50 gift card thanks to @BandQ.  Very handy, Lisa has plans to freshen the kitchen at some point this year.  Not looking to replace anything, but it's a bit dark.  So she's going to paint the cupboards and walls.
Hamper of chutney, jam and marmalade from Deerview, Sussex thanks to Rosemary and Porkbelly.  Good reason to have cheese for lunch.
Tickets to the National Photography Show from LDN Fashion competitions.  My Dad was happy to use these.  Gave him an excuse to go.
A basket of goodies thanks to Joanna Victoria Mmm Biscuits...
£50 to spend at Abakhan - Not used their website but been visiting their store in Mostyn for years for fabric and craft stuff.
Febreeze fabric refreshner.  Small prize, but handy to have.
Thank you Fuss Free Flavours for Bryn William's cookbook, Bryn's Kitchen.
And a couple of vouchers for Ginsters sausage rolls, instant win from codes from pasties.

And I filled in that horrid PIP form.  It asks such personal question, things you would really only talk about with your doctor or carer.  Or not at all because it's so bloody depressing.  Still.  It's done now, see what they make of it.

February wins - chocolate and other lovely things

More soup and a microwave mug.  Small but handy. 
Cadbury's Valentine Treasure Box - thank you Christine at mummyof3diaries. I love chocolate.  No, really.  
A poster and dvd of Momentum from Erisea magazine
A really cute Trunki with a teddy, book and puzzle inside it from ohsoamelia.  Such lovely timing, I sent the Trunki, book and teddy up to my cousin and her new baby.  What a gorgeous gift to be able to give.  Okay, so the baby won't be able to ride on the Trunki for a while, but it is amazing how fast they grow.  We rather wish they did grownup size too.
£30 House of Fraser voucher from Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary.  Always happy to read her blog, she lives on Shetland.  So far away!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

January wins - yay, a tablet!

Really pleased with my first win of the year - Delia Online / Spanish Persimon Competition Winner‏ - Samsung Galaxy Tablet worth £150. My partner's hasn't worked right since my mum dropped it on the floor, so this was great.
Soup and microwaveable mug from Tesco.  Crosse and Blackwell, winter vegetable.  Did make  me giggle when Lisa collected the can from the post office.  Why didn't they send a voucher?  The microwave mug is handy, with a lid so I can carry it and not two soups it everywhere. 
Another box of Dorset cereals turned up, don't remember winning more of them, but very welcome.
And a months supply of Cherry Champ, Gym Vit competition from The Melton House.  Not convinced they will make any difference to Lisa's exercise recovery.  It has beetroot in, but wouldn't it be better to eat the actual vegetable?

Friday, 15 January 2016

December wins 2015

False eyelashes. thanks to Fashion&stylePolice, @Olojay on twitter. She sent them straight to my daughter.

£10 iTunes from Sweetbeats daily. Added to Lisa's Christmas present.  That competition is still going, like I need any more excuses to eat sweets. 

Taken For Dead by Graham Masterton, thanks Ali The Dragon Slayer.  Yay, a present for me at last!

KrispyCreme assorted dozen - a scrabble friend fb'd me this one, and I clicked it without looking at it. I sent the voucher to her to use, and she sent my daughter some more eyelashes.

Massage in London thanks to Le Coin de Mel. Mel was fine with me entering to give to my daughter. I'm in North Wales, but my daughter's in N7.

Month of XLS tablets thanks to Sonia at mummyconstant. Lisa was hoping I would win some to help her shift her tummy this year. They aren't cheap either!

Case of 9bars, I won and Lisa won.  Lisa's arrived today, and I don't like them.  Still, a friend here does, so she will probably end up with lots of them.  And I bet my daughter will like them too. 

£5 Marks and Spencer voucher. Another one for Rach. 

£50 ish Walker picture books. Lovely big parcel.  They neighbours have most of them, and a couple to another friend for her two little ones. 

And the last, and tiniest prize of the year. A carton of Del Monte fruit juice.  Well, who doesn't drink juice? 

So Lisa and Rachael did the best out of my December wins, but that's okay.  I get to see the screen tell me I'm a winner.


Thursday, 31 December 2015

November wins and a very important birthday

Theraline pillow - gives lots of support for pregnancy or breastfeeding.  Will save this for friends.
One pack of Pampers baby wipes - Thanks to @Pampers_UK.  Handed straight to next door for the twins.
Cheerios Family Calendar Competition - they were giving away lots over the month, and I won one.  Only just remembered about this tonight, and cobbled one together with photos of Max and one of Lisa as a werewolf for October.  We'll see if I managed to follow the instructions correctly.
£10 iTunes voucher from Sweetbeats.  Well done to Lisa for spotting the magic word WIN in the supermarket and buying me a Wham bar.  The competition is still running, so it's a good excuse to eat sweets. 

Now for the Very Important Birthday.  No, not mine, 46 isn't a particularly special number, but it was my Gran's 100th birthday!  As you can imagine, all the family travelled from all over for it.  Rachael caught the night train from London to Edinburgh which had me singing Guns N' Roses to myself until she arrived.  (I'll add more details at some other point)

October wins

I know, I know, it's January tomorrow.  Thought I'd best catch up.

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Eighth Season on DVD - FHM clickies
Thalgo Indoceane Silky Body Milk - Emerald St, looking forward to smelling that
Dorset cereals, bircher muesli - daily runner up prize
Danny Collins on dvd - heyuguys
Sicario soundtrack on cd - heyuguys
Red ipuppies collar - Watches2U
Perfect partners shower oils - Aromatherapy Associates on fb

Some friends are big comedy fans, so The Big Bang Theory found a good home.  The body milk smells gorgeous, I must remember to use it.  I'm more likely to lie down on the bed and have a nap after a shower than think of applying lotions.  I've been doing the Watches2U daily competition for years, so was a nice surprise to get an email saying I'd won.  Funny that it was for a small dog collar.  Looks very cute on our neighbour's terrier.