Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Win a Chi Chi dress and Caviar nails

No, I'm not running it, but someone's got to win.  Let me know if it's YOU!

Enter on facebook here!

It's open for 5 more days, rafflecopter, so very easy.  Might as well enter!  I'm sure my daughter could find something she liked.  Oh yes, nearly forgot to say, your choice of dress.  Which is nice.

Floffy hair

My Baby

Okay, so she's not exactly a baby, but isn't she gorgeous?  And I wanted to see if I could manage to post a picture.  Stolen from her facebook.  Floffy = goth + fluffy. Daft I know. This shows why I enter to win lots of make up.  No idea where she gets it from, but she's loved doing her hair and makeup from her mid teens.  I could never be bothered to be a goth, leather jacket and a touch of black eyeliner was more my look.  She doesn't always look quite like this, this was for an 80s night, so she's vamped it up to the max.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Snoozy Sunday

Actually, I feel snoozy every day.  MS does get rather tedious.  I'm going to do 5 minutes on the exercise bike anyway, if I don't, my thigh muscles will just vanish.  Scary stuff.  Five minutes, that's all, on the lowest setting, and I'm wiped out.  I do try not to dwell on how things used to be, I mean, there really is no point in getting upset about it, but sometimes I do indulge in a spot of self pity.  I (I again, too many I s) used to cycle to work, walk miles, and now?  Grr.  I'm struggling to wobble the dog around the duck pond.  And I can't manage that every day. 

Still.  Got that moan over with.  Another Times hourly comp today.  Yesterday was to win a ridiculously expensive mixer, today a short break, with dinner.  Would be nice, but maybe it's a little greedy to want another Times hourly win.  My daughter's birthday pressie last year was a good one from them.  And I do want to read blogs and enter blog comps today.

Well, if I can't actually DO much, I can at least win random stuff.  Or try to.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Yay! Product of the year goody bag win

Okay, so it's not the biggest prize I've won, but there is something so satisfying about a goody bag like this.  Maybe it's just me...

Right, I've got to get ready to go to my gran's for a few days.  She's 96 and still living independently.  She'll have cake ready for us.

Monday, 4 March 2013

March already...

I've got my new glasses now, things haven't looked this sharp in a long time.  And reading glasses too, magic!  I can read again.  Strange this getting old business.

Some nice little prizes last month

Grappling gloves from, okay so I wouldn't know what to do with them, but my partner is happy

The Agincourt Bride by Joanna Hickson in paperback.  From Woman's Own Magazine daily entry comps.  I rather fancy their comp for a CoolFire Tea Light Holder so I'll keep entering that when I remember.

Blinkbox on twitter said they would send me some popcorn, I'll chase that.

Lots of baking and icing goodies!  Thanks to the Piping Fairy  Baking goodies!

Disney goody bag from National Holidays.  That was on competwition.  I received a cute soft Mickey, a Mickey pen and a Disney beaker with lid and straw.

And £35 to spend on takeout through thanks to on twitter.  My student daughter and housemates in York will benefit from that.

FAB LFW Radley Tote and goodies giveaway!

The Pre-trender is holding this generous giveaway

Honestly, other than the bag, I don't know which item I like the look of most.  Glossfinity Nail Polish by Max Factor, Angels Nails does look particularly gorgeous

Do enter!  It uses rafflecopter, so very easy and you know it's all done properly.