Sunday, 14 February 2016

January wins - yay, a tablet!

Really pleased with my first win of the year - Delia Online / Spanish Persimon Competition Winner‏ - Samsung Galaxy Tablet worth £150. My partner's hasn't worked right since my mum dropped it on the floor, so this was great.
Soup and microwaveable mug from Tesco.  Crosse and Blackwell, winter vegetable.  Did make  me giggle when Lisa collected the can from the post office.  Why didn't they send a voucher?  The microwave mug is handy, with a lid so I can carry it and not two soups it everywhere. 
Another box of Dorset cereals turned up, don't remember winning more of them, but very welcome.
And a months supply of Cherry Champ, Gym Vit competition from The Melton House.  Not convinced they will make any difference to Lisa's exercise recovery.  It has beetroot in, but wouldn't it be better to eat the actual vegetable?