Thursday, 31 January 2013

January Catchup

So, what's happened this month?  Lovely party for little Brooke's christening, I was very happy with lots of savoury eats followed gorgeous meringue and fruit salad.


My daughter had the big one - that ipad mini from the Sun.  Which was nice!

I've not had anything that big, but still, enough to keep me happy.

  • Family Guy dvd from Look magazine, the daily entries.
  • A pink leather diary from @TeamJslater It's lovely! 
  • Pringles speaker, win or freebie we don't mind. Doesn't sound bad at all!
  • Bronze Ambition Limited Edition Gift Pack - lots of self tan, 12 bottles, application mitt, and a bag. Also from Look.
  • Thanks to I entered for borax without noticing that it was USA only. But she let me nominate a friend when I won! So I'll count it as a win, and if any US friends are reading this, do visit her blog.
  • My last win of the month Looking forward to seeing this, looks cool.
  • According to Real People on line, I've won 13 on DVD. Wonder if I'll ever get that? I didn't get an email telling me about it, but I wouldn't think there's another of me in Ruthin, it's a tiny place.

So, I'll see what the rest of the year brings, that's a nice start.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

I've entered this little competition to win cute little rattles.  So many of our friends and family are having little ones I'm sure to find a loving home.  Why don't you enter too?

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Depeche Mode PAIN!

My poor daughter.  She's bought a ticket for their London concert this year, and was SO looking forward to it.  To find out that she has a 48 hour exam then.  And she really can't miss it, it's her final year.  So she best not miss it.  Sad though, they don't tour often.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

(What happened here then?  forgot to press the publish button.  So it's in the wrong place now and I don't know how to change that.  Oh well!)

I forgot I started this!  Oh well. It's been a good comping year, 2 tellies, another xbox 360.  And one of those tellies was from wombling.  I picked up an empty packet of crisps near the skate park, entered online, and won a £600 odd telly!  Which was nice.  What else this year, biggies, £500 from pepsi, my mum won too, and £500 to spend at silly expensive clothes from the Sunday Times, one of those hourly comps. 

Trouble is, I spend far too much time comping to be bothered blogging about it.

My ms?  That trundles on being very boring.  I've fallen a couple of times walking Max, it's getting harder.  But.  What can you do? 

Quite.  Comp on!
Must get my eyes tested, verticals have this strange kink.  Not sure that's right.  Still, at least my phone works.  My parents are now on day 28 of their phone crackling so much you can't hear what is being said.  Come on BT, wake up!  My dad's latest status on facebook - How about a competition ? Can you come up with some new and creative excuses for BT. The prize I would offer would be a signed and matted print of a picture of a BT Openreach van If I can see one to photograph near our house.  Now, I know I enter for just about anything, but not sure he'll get many takers for this one...

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


I almost can't remember what it was like for walking to be no effort.  I took a competition entry to the postbox just now, not far at all.  Local paper, win a cointreau cocktail set. Was really struggling by the time I got back home again, legs just didn't want to work, was walking so slowly.  Grrr.  Oh well.  Maybe it's time for a game of scrabble.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Can't believe I've forgotten about this for so long!  It's now 2013. 

MS update - walking is getting harder, it's not much fun.  I've borrowed my parents'  exercise bike to try to build up a little strength and maintain range of movement.  I can't walk far enough to keep fit now.  Grrr.  Still, Max isn't keen on being out for long in this weather, he doesn't like the rain in his face.  Huge GSD, loves swimming in the river, and doesn't like his face getting wet.  Daft creature.

Comping-wise?  Well, my daughter rang me today to say she's won an ipad mini!  That was the Sun hourly comp back in november that I told her about, so I'll count it as a win.  That's pretty cool!  Lovely to get the excited phone call.  She'd missed the email saying she was a winner, as she didn't think it was anything, so just went to the post office with the card to collect a missed parcel.  She'd had the card a few days too as she's been busy with university work.  Goodness!  Good thing she collected that one!

So far this month I've won some tanning goop and a dvd from look magazine online.  The daily entries.  The dvd has arrived already, still waiting on the goop.  Also waiting for a lovely pink diary from @TeamJSlater .  And how could I forget the little speaker that clips to a pringles tub.  Actually, for a freebie, it's great!  And, dreadful I know, I had to buy and eat some Pringles for my partner to be able to use it.  What a task.

So.  Hopes for the year.
That my daughter graduates well - well enough that makes her feel it was all worth while.
To win a second Ipad of some sort.  My partner would really really like one.  We don't buy toys, just wait for me to win them.
For good health for us all.  As well as we can manage at least.