Sunday, 10 April 2016

March wins and filled in that PIP form

Three wins on the first of the month.  I so love to be told I'm a winner.  Which is funny really, that's almost better than the actual prize.  Almost.

£50 gift card thanks to @BandQ.  Very handy, Lisa has plans to freshen the kitchen at some point this year.  Not looking to replace anything, but it's a bit dark.  So she's going to paint the cupboards and walls.
Hamper of chutney, jam and marmalade from Deerview, Sussex thanks to Rosemary and Porkbelly.  Good reason to have cheese for lunch.
Tickets to the National Photography Show from LDN Fashion competitions.  My Dad was happy to use these.  Gave him an excuse to go.
A basket of goodies thanks to Joanna Victoria Mmm Biscuits...
£50 to spend at Abakhan - Not used their website but been visiting their store in Mostyn for years for fabric and craft stuff.
Febreeze fabric refreshner.  Small prize, but handy to have.
Thank you Fuss Free Flavours for Bryn William's cookbook, Bryn's Kitchen.
And a couple of vouchers for Ginsters sausage rolls, instant win from codes from pasties.

And I filled in that horrid PIP form.  It asks such personal question, things you would really only talk about with your doctor or carer.  Or not at all because it's so bloody depressing.  Still.  It's done now, see what they make of it.

February wins - chocolate and other lovely things

More soup and a microwave mug.  Small but handy. 
Cadbury's Valentine Treasure Box - thank you Christine at mummyof3diaries. I love chocolate.  No, really.  
A poster and dvd of Momentum from Erisea magazine
A really cute Trunki with a teddy, book and puzzle inside it from ohsoamelia.  Such lovely timing, I sent the Trunki, book and teddy up to my cousin and her new baby.  What a gorgeous gift to be able to give.  Okay, so the baby won't be able to ride on the Trunki for a while, but it is amazing how fast they grow.  We rather wish they did grownup size too.
£30 House of Fraser voucher from Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary.  Always happy to read her blog, she lives on Shetland.  So far away!