Thursday, 31 December 2015

November wins and a very important birthday

Theraline pillow - gives lots of support for pregnancy or breastfeeding.  Will save this for friends.
One pack of Pampers baby wipes - Thanks to @Pampers_UK.  Handed straight to next door for the twins.
Cheerios Family Calendar Competition - they were giving away lots over the month, and I won one.  Only just remembered about this tonight, and cobbled one together with photos of Max and one of Lisa as a werewolf for October.  We'll see if I managed to follow the instructions correctly.
£10 iTunes voucher from Sweetbeats.  Well done to Lisa for spotting the magic word WIN in the supermarket and buying me a Wham bar.  The competition is still running, so it's a good excuse to eat sweets. 

Now for the Very Important Birthday.  No, not mine, 46 isn't a particularly special number, but it was my Gran's 100th birthday!  As you can imagine, all the family travelled from all over for it.  Rachael caught the night train from London to Edinburgh which had me singing Guns N' Roses to myself until she arrived.  (I'll add more details at some other point)

October wins

I know, I know, it's January tomorrow.  Thought I'd best catch up.

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Eighth Season on DVD - FHM clickies
Thalgo Indoceane Silky Body Milk - Emerald St, looking forward to smelling that
Dorset cereals, bircher muesli - daily runner up prize
Danny Collins on dvd - heyuguys
Sicario soundtrack on cd - heyuguys
Red ipuppies collar - Watches2U
Perfect partners shower oils - Aromatherapy Associates on fb

Some friends are big comedy fans, so The Big Bang Theory found a good home.  The body milk smells gorgeous, I must remember to use it.  I'm more likely to lie down on the bed and have a nap after a shower than think of applying lotions.  I've been doing the Watches2U daily competition for years, so was a nice surprise to get an email saying I'd won.  Funny that it was for a small dog collar.  Looks very cute on our neighbour's terrier. 

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Hedgehogs and September wins

Paperback, Thomas Quick: The Making Of A Serial Killer - Picture House cinemas on facebook
Wychwood tshirt - facebook instant
Box of fairy non-bio pods - supersavvyme
Far from the madding crowd on bluray - HeyUGuys
Die Again by Tess Gerritsen - Dead Good Book Club
Cumberland Cream polo shirt - Jennings, Explore more
The Good Lie dvd - Empire daily clickies

Two tshirts from alcohol daily comps, yay!  The Wychwood Halloween tshirt confused our local landlord.  Where did you get that?  Where's mine?  Heh.  He can have the Cumberland Cream polo shirt, it's enormous.  

Don't think Thomas Hardy is quite Lisa's thing, so I'll watch that with some chocolate when she's out.  

Great timing from Aldi - they were late with sending my swim pants win, so sent me a box of 10 to make up.  Lisa took them round to next door for their twins and they'd just been wondering where to buy swim pants.  So it's good to know they'll be used.  Do wonder what the twins will make of swimming.  I remember Rachael adored it straightaway.

Hedgehogs.  We did have the occasional prickly visitor.  Max did not approve of them.  His face!  He looked so very confused at a hedgehog when he met one.  Very happy to be told to leave it alone and just stay with me.  If he knew one was in his yard he would grumble and turn so he was facing the room instead.  We now have up to 7 visiting a night for the banquet of 2 brands of hedgehog food, mealworms and lots of water waiting for them.  Not that we are soppy idiots or anything.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

August wins

Aldi Swim pants from win summer clickies - twins are bound to grow
Bottle of turtle wax - not exciting but will get used
The Tiger Who Came to Tea in hardback - love reading
Signed copy of The Modern Way to Cook - The Flexitarian
Wipes from @Pampers_UK - straight to next door for the twins
2 English Provender Co curds - All About a Mummy - lemon and ginger ones
£50 love2shop voucher - ShopEatSpeak consumer panel

My daughter loved the Tiger Who Came to Tea, she would chuckle every time that tiger drank all daddy's beer.  I never got bored of reading it to her either, unlike Thomas the bloody Tank Engine.  Winning this reminded me that I always meant to read Judith Kerr's When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit so I bought it for kindle.  Same precise, touching and funny language.  A book for children, but I still enjoyed reading it.  Buy it for your preteens, very topical with the huge number of people trying to escape violence and poverty today.  Maybe read it first so you are ready for any questions.  

Thursday, 27 August 2015

July wins - better late than never

The Yellow Balloon dvd - heyuguys
Fermented Foods for Vitality & Health - cut out and keep
The Secret Life and Curious Death of Miss Jean Milne - @bwpublishing 
Nivea for men sensitive pack 
Knitting Basics - cut out and keep
£5 Bernard Matthews voucher
Hardback copy I Take You - heatworld daily entry

Glad I remembered to post this, I need to chase the heatworld win.

Fermented Foods does sound a bit strange, but thought Rachael would be interested.  Sounds suspiciously sauerkraut-ish to me, but it's not arrived yet.  We will see.

I enjoyed The secret life and curious death of Miss Jean Milne by Andrew Nicoll, so give that a try if you enjoy historical crime fiction.  Just looked on amazon to give a link to book, and it's only 49p for kindle.  The Secret Life and Curious Death of Miss Jean Milne on kindle  Don't know if it's on promo for a short time, but I would say it's definitely worth buying for that.

My neighbours now have their gorgeous babies at home after a little while in SCBU.  So beautiful!  But sorry everyone, as beautiful as they are, they aren't mine to share, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Lots of wins in June

Diamond glass set of 2, Win something
Multipower giro pack - recovery stuff, tshirt and drinks bottle
Demolition Dad - Mumsnet
Fatboy Slim Collection - no idea where from
Kajaki on dvd, Car Mechanic
12 bottles of salad cream - Heart
Sunglasses - TV Choice
Cadbury Puddles - Thanks Jo at given to distracting others
Pretty Is, First reads / Orion. I am very selective with book giveaways, no selfpublished.
£50 cheque from Take a Break.  

So nothing huge, but I do love being told I'm a winner.  The salad cream win was hilarious.  I was trying for an itunes voucher, but no.  Lisa collected a huge very heavy jiffy bag from the post office with 12 bottles of the stuff.  On her birthday.  She doesn't even like the stuff.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A Few May Wins

Forgot to post this, but look!  I'm a winner again!

Drummond Park games bundle including Rapidough. Thank you to Mary at

A pack of sensitive baby wipes. Small but handy.  Thanks to @Pampers

Sample of Pantene Classic Clean

Head and Shoulders Smooth and Silky shampoo and conditioner.   Thanks for both to

We gave Rapidough to our neighbours.  She's feeling rather large and tired with her growing belly of twins so this was fun to play with his girls.  They really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

Friday, 1 May 2015

No Wins in April

None at all.  Not even a tiny one of a packet of biscuits like I had last month.  Isn't luck odd?  I can't even remember when I had a month without a win.  This month has started better though; just had an email from Mary at over40andamumtoone to let me know I've won some games.  Look!  Drummond Park games.

So I'll keep on entering.  May is already luckier for wins than April.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

March Win

The comping fairy has deserted me, just about.  Still, it couldn't last forever.

I won some Pick Up biscuits.  

And checked my other messages on facebook to see I'd won Half a King from Harper Fiction in February.  They sent it out to me anyway, thank goodness, so do check your other messsages if you enter for prizes.

Lisa did win a treadmill on ebay.  So it doesn't look that great in the living room, but it's very useful.  I can use it without help to get on or off it.  It upset me to use the exercise bike.  Silly maybe, but I found it really maddening that I couldn't put my foot on the pedal without help, and that made me want to use it even less.  The person she'd bought the treadmill off had also bought it off ebay.  When she got it home she couldn't get it in her house, hadn't realised how to fold it or take it apart at all.  So she wasn't happy when Lisa turned up with her allen keys and fitted it in her friend's car.  Still.  Handy for us!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Bittersweet February

Our beautiful dog Max was put to sleep at home this month.  Poor sweet boy, apparently his heart was still healthy, but his joints were paining him too much.  I was too upset to post straightaway, but we can remember him with smiles now.  

Like when he was half grown and a dalek (compost bin) was delivered over the garden gate. His barking changed from a proud defensive woof, to a panicked little boy yelp as this black monster appeared in his garden from nowhere. He turned back to brave when I went outside to see what was going on. And bit that dalek as I picked it up and moved it into place. What a sweetheart.

A few little wins - 

Ivan Ramen - book - cut out and keep
A Most Wanted Man on bluray - heyuguys
Mornflake gift pack, cereal and wartime cookbooks - Eat In clickies
Cuddly comforter, little soft orange thing from Hipp
Birds of a Feather The Complete ITV Series Two - Yours clickies. Not sure why I clicked for this one.
Villeroy and Boch 3 hanging daffodils - just in time for St David's Day.

So I'm really trying for a holiday now we don't have a dog to keep us at home.  Or a weekend or even a night somewhere fairly close.  See what the comping fairy brings.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Wins and TWINS

First my January wins.

Not a car but a lovely little trike thanks to Bex. This Gorgeous trike  has found a home with Daisy, and when she's grown out of it, her brother Sol will enjoy it I'm sure.  Their Dad is a useful man to know; he used to be a plumber and is now a paramedic.  Thanks to Bex for running the comp, and thanks too to for sending it so quickly. It was here the next day!

I'm on a list for a heart shaped hand warmer, see if it appears, Natures Finest

The Pizza Bible thanks to cut out and keep

Pair of cineworld tickets thanks to Freesat, nearest cineworld is Llandudno, so I sent these to my daughter.  Handy little treat for her.

A voucher for baby kale

And a cheque for £15 for finding Rebus the dragon in a local info leaflet. So check your junk mail for comps before you chuck it in recycling.

And now for TWINS

My neighbour came round last night waving her scan. TWO little peanuts! A bit of a surprise for her. Dad is thrilled, mum doesn't know yet whether to laugh or panic.  I've been entering for baby stuff, they will need it.  Oof!

Friday, 2 January 2015

December wins

I didn't do many of the advent comps this year, there were so many of them it quite put me off.  There are enough other prizes to win, so never mind.

6 Cadbury chocolate bars
Art Nouveau Pattern Give-Away, 12 cross stitch patterns in pdf, really pretty designs. My mum's got them, to share with the village craft group if she likes.
I have been selected to be a Pukka Supper Pie-oneer. So that's 36 vouchers for family size pies appearing soon. I'm so glad they say I can share, I like pastry, but can't eat that many.
Thank you Agata@BarkTime, I've won a Zoflora bundle and £25 pets at home voucher.
Thank you over40andmumofone for Blanche, the blue nose stoat. Very cute.
Nice Pecks calendar from the Happy Egg Company. Very handy. 
Three lovely coffee table cookbooks, thank you tinnedtomatoes.
And on the last day of the year, email from an Eat In clickie win, Dreamboys 2015 Calendar. Hilarious. Those lovely roosters are more fitting for this house.