Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Hedgehogs and September wins

Paperback, Thomas Quick: The Making Of A Serial Killer - Picture House cinemas on facebook
Wychwood tshirt - facebook instant
Box of fairy non-bio pods - supersavvyme
Far from the madding crowd on bluray - HeyUGuys
Die Again by Tess Gerritsen - Dead Good Book Club
Cumberland Cream polo shirt - Jennings, Explore more
The Good Lie dvd - Empire daily clickies

Two tshirts from alcohol daily comps, yay!  The Wychwood Halloween tshirt confused our local landlord.  Where did you get that?  Where's mine?  Heh.  He can have the Cumberland Cream polo shirt, it's enormous.  

Don't think Thomas Hardy is quite Lisa's thing, so I'll watch that with some chocolate when she's out.  

Great timing from Aldi - they were late with sending my swim pants win, so sent me a box of 10 to make up.  Lisa took them round to next door for their twins and they'd just been wondering where to buy swim pants.  So it's good to know they'll be used.  Do wonder what the twins will make of swimming.  I remember Rachael adored it straightaway.

Hedgehogs.  We did have the occasional prickly visitor.  Max did not approve of them.  His face!  He looked so very confused at a hedgehog when he met one.  Very happy to be told to leave it alone and just stay with me.  If he knew one was in his yard he would grumble and turn so he was facing the room instead.  We now have up to 7 visiting a night for the banquet of 2 brands of hedgehog food, mealworms and lots of water waiting for them.  Not that we are soppy idiots or anything.