Thursday, 31 December 2015

November wins and a very important birthday

Theraline pillow - gives lots of support for pregnancy or breastfeeding.  Will save this for friends.
One pack of Pampers baby wipes - Thanks to @Pampers_UK.  Handed straight to next door for the twins.
Cheerios Family Calendar Competition - they were giving away lots over the month, and I won one.  Only just remembered about this tonight, and cobbled one together with photos of Max and one of Lisa as a werewolf for October.  We'll see if I managed to follow the instructions correctly.
£10 iTunes voucher from Sweetbeats.  Well done to Lisa for spotting the magic word WIN in the supermarket and buying me a Wham bar.  The competition is still running, so it's a good excuse to eat sweets. 

Now for the Very Important Birthday.  No, not mine, 46 isn't a particularly special number, but it was my Gran's 100th birthday!  As you can imagine, all the family travelled from all over for it.  Rachael caught the night train from London to Edinburgh which had me singing Guns N' Roses to myself until she arrived.  (I'll add more details at some other point)

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