Friday, 17 May 2013

30 Ways to Save £1

Only just seen this, bit late, but I'm determined to enter.  It's a compulsion.  And it has to be in today!

If you don't know what I'm on about, it's this -

  1. Join a library.  If there's one near you that is, I know kindle books, and second hand books are cheap, but a library is free.  Great way to spend some time with children too.  
  2. Don't buy bottles of coke or whatever when out, take squash or water with you.  That adds up.
  3. Same for chocolate.  Well.  Just don't buy it.  This is tricky for some of us I know.
  4. Enter competitions!  This only works if you are lucky and actually win stuff.  I'm having a lucky year so far but I wouldn't recommend giving up work for it.
  5. Try going down a brand when shopping.  Sometimes you don't notice much difference.  Especially in shampoo.
  6. Your pet won't mind not having a designer collar.  Don't buy it!  It's spent years getting the old one nice and comfy.
  7. If you knit, do you REALLY need to buy that wool?  Don't you have 14 big bags of the stuff hidden about the house?  Same goes for fleece for spinners, fabric for dressmakers.
  8. And if 7. applies to you, why not sell surplus craft stash on to other crafters.  Or swap some.
  9. If you love charity shopping, are you sure you need that jacket?  You've bought 8 already this year.  I know they are relatively cheap, but still.
  10. If 9 applies to you, why not carboot all the clothes you don't need.  Extra cash you could spend on more things at charity shops guilt free!
  11. Made too much for dinner?  Don't serve out extra large portions, freeze in portions for homemade ready meals.  
  12. Tempted to buy yellow sticker veg because it's just too cheap to miss?  Good idea, but make soup and freeze some rather than leave it to go off in the bottom of the fridge.
  13. Love a manicure but can't justify the money?  Have a friend, or your mum, round for coffee, and do each others hands and nails.  Why not?  
  14. Don't buy that magazine!  Look how much it is!  Or at least just buy one and then swap with your  neighbour.
  15. Gym fees.  Lots more than £1.  If you must keep that membership going, make sure you get value for money out of it.  But jogging or walking with friends would be cheaper.  So think about cancelling it as soon as you can.
  16. If you use buses, do you have the best value bus card?  Do check.
  17. Same for trains, lots of discount cards, young person, student, disabled, and book in advance online.  Big savings to make.
  18. Love your pet?  Save money by not overfeeding.  Pet food isn't cheap, and vet bills really aren't cheap.  Could link in with gym fees...
  19. You sure you need all that Sky or cable?  Really?  Go down a package, you won't die.
  20. Don't buy expensive coffee when out.  Be organised and take a flask.
  21. Same for sandwiches, I mean, how much?  If you aren't a morning person, you could always make a batch of say pate sarnies on nice bread and freeze them for the week.  Will be defrosted by lunch.
  22. To save even more pennies, use yellow sticker bread and pate, make them up the night you buy them, for really cheap sandwiches.
  23. You don't need to throw out that blouse just because a button fell off.  You are bound to have a spare somewhere.  It's not hard to sew one back on, really.  
  24. Only you still up late?  You don't need the heating on, just have a blanket over your knee.  I know, but if you are on your own, there's no one to see.
  25. Back to buying books, you sure you don't have boxes of them in the loft?  They've probably been up there so long you've forgotten them.  Read them again before you buy any more.  
  26. So a favourite pair of boots has a bust zip?  Don't chuck them out and buy new ones.  Get them fixed at a cobblers.  
  27. Do keep your boots and shoes polished, I know, a very mumsy thing to say.  But!  They will last longer and look smarter.  
  28. Love seeing new films in the cinema?  Sign up to  Be quick to respond and see new films for free.  Really.  
  29. No room to stock up when your favourite brands are on special offer?  Share with your mum, or neighbour.  Save money, and you won't be stuck with stacks of the stuff.
  30. You sure you need a snack?  Try sipping drink of water first.  Good for the diet and the purse.
And I've done it!  I could go on and on.  Boring anyone that finds it.  If anyone DOES read this today, you've only got today to write your own and enter!  

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