Thursday, 26 September 2013

August Wins

So it's towards the end of September, but better late than never.  Been rather muddy headed.

£250 of Red Letter Day shopping vouchers, direct line promo - local paper, online
Denver Fire Pit from Posh Garden Furniture, Rachel's yoghurt - lovely, but not sure we have room
Ipod shuffle, post office daily, or was that last month? maybe, but it arrived this month. 
Pair of cabbage patch dolls, IPC magazines - will sell these, they are really creepy!
Lots of postit notes from allbabyadvice blog, rafflecopter - Lisa is putting these to good use
crime novel from books, biscuits and tea, rafflecopter 
Color mask - sat in the bathroom, I've never dyed my hair before.
collection of Jodi Picoult novels - facebook
Lovebirds by Trevor Silvester, Look, ipc - straight to charity shop, thought it was fiction
The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty, also Look - enjoyed these, must pass it on to my mum.
6 driving lessons, IPC magazines - handy win for my daughter!
A can of WD40 - small but useful win.
Desk lamp - litecraft, rafflecopter - really useful win, arrived very promptly. Weekly giveaways -

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