Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A book win - Talking To The Dead - Harry Bingham

I won this from booksbiscuitsandtea, thank you Vicky, and realised when I picked it up, that I have already read it.  Not a problem, my memory isn't great, so I don't remember who did it, but I did remember that I had a big problem with the detective.  She's lovely.  Very enjoyable character, intelligent, quirky, and I would be very happy with her as an insurance investigator say.  But.  I just cannot believe that someone who had suffered a serious mental illness, documented in her medical records, would ever get in the police.  I just can't get past this.  Still, I will ignore that, and enjoy reading the story again.

Reading an actual book, I realise how much I now prefer the kindle.  I never thought I would when they first came out, but now, with my eyes being stupid so often, I do like being able to make the text as large as is comfortable.  It's less of an effort than using my reading glasses and a paper book.  Oh well.  Thank science for kindles!

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