Monday, 5 May 2014

Lovely April wins.

If anyone is wondering why they can't get a good nights sleep, it's because I've stolen all the sleep in the world.  All of it.  I didn't mean to, and I would love to share it out again, but no, I'm stuck with it.  Felt so muddy headed yesterday, a little better today, but still.  Not very awake.  Never mind.

Win list for April.  Very lucky again.

MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2014. MusicRadar magazine daily entries.
Voucher for Coors Light, hasn't arrived yet.
Month supply of Vapourlite, which is just fab thank you Ness at alwaysbeafriend blog
Book from First Reads, not my thing, but passed it on.
Our choice of photo printed on canvas, thanks to Christine at mummyof3diaries and Loren at Must choose something, the photo we liked, we realised we didn't have the original.  Oh well.
A Samsung phone charger from their Winter Olympics competition ages ago.  Need the phone now.
Easter egg from Guylian, thank you Emma at theminimesandme, I look forward to that arriving.

Too many competitions on crisps at the moment.  I love crisps and I love competitions.  Dangerous combination.  Still, I won £10 on Doritos today, and £5 on Walkers yesterday, so I'm getting rewarded for eating unnecessary snacks.  BOGOF in Coop on Doritos, I'm sure there are more offers too.

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