Sunday, 2 November 2014

Fancy dress

No, this isn't me.  This is Lisa getting ready to go to the pub.  Max wasn't at all sure about it all.

She won first prize, which she does find funny as she's in her normal clothes.  She only decided to go as a werewolf when she saw a latex prosthetic to buy very cheaply.  So she watched a few vids on youtube on how to apply fur and that kept her quiet for a bit.  Some cheeky sod asked how she'd got grey bits in her hair to match.  Hmm.  No, that's called being 40.


  1. Ha! This post made me laugh... What a great costume design loving the werewolf look, I can see why she won first prize.

  2. How did I miss your comment before today? Shows how I awake I am. She's already picked what she's doing next year, and the competition is determined not to let her win again.