Friday, 2 January 2015

December wins

I didn't do many of the advent comps this year, there were so many of them it quite put me off.  There are enough other prizes to win, so never mind.

6 Cadbury chocolate bars
Art Nouveau Pattern Give-Away, 12 cross stitch patterns in pdf, really pretty designs. My mum's got them, to share with the village craft group if she likes.
I have been selected to be a Pukka Supper Pie-oneer. So that's 36 vouchers for family size pies appearing soon. I'm so glad they say I can share, I like pastry, but can't eat that many.
Thank you Agata@BarkTime, I've won a Zoflora bundle and £25 pets at home voucher.
Thank you over40andmumofone for Blanche, the blue nose stoat. Very cute.
Nice Pecks calendar from the Happy Egg Company. Very handy. 
Three lovely coffee table cookbooks, thank you tinnedtomatoes.
And on the last day of the year, email from an Eat In clickie win, Dreamboys 2015 Calendar. Hilarious. Those lovely roosters are more fitting for this house.

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