Wednesday, 22 April 2015

March Win

The comping fairy has deserted me, just about.  Still, it couldn't last forever.

I won some Pick Up biscuits.  

And checked my other messages on facebook to see I'd won Half a King from Harper Fiction in February.  They sent it out to me anyway, thank goodness, so do check your other messsages if you enter for prizes.

Lisa did win a treadmill on ebay.  So it doesn't look that great in the living room, but it's very useful.  I can use it without help to get on or off it.  It upset me to use the exercise bike.  Silly maybe, but I found it really maddening that I couldn't put my foot on the pedal without help, and that made me want to use it even less.  The person she'd bought the treadmill off had also bought it off ebay.  When she got it home she couldn't get it in her house, hadn't realised how to fold it or take it apart at all.  So she wasn't happy when Lisa turned up with her allen keys and fitted it in her friend's car.  Still.  Handy for us!

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