Sunday, 2 June 2013

June! And win a Mulberry handbag

If I stick this here, then I will remember to enter, details at -   Hope everyone else has a go too!

I don't actually own a handbag.  Hope that's not a problem!

I'm still winning things, nothing big in May, but still, some nice bits

In reverse chronological order....

Fruitypots, a pack of 3, turned up very quickly.  Daily instant win.
3 pairs of Foster Grant reading glasses, Woman's Weekly daily entry
A toy for Max, petsafeuk on twitter
£30 to spend at wikaniko, from  I'll put the links in.  Honest I will.
All-bran berry crunch  Instant win
£10 costa voucher   instant win
Bottle of champagne from my ferry link another instant win
Some Boost drinks and a jug and beakers.

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