Wednesday, 26 June 2013

What's in my handbag?

I spotted this competition on ages ago, and now, here is my entry!  Hope if you see this, you have a go too.  Closes in a few days, you've got until midnight Monday, 1st July.

Simply write a blog post to tell us what is in your handbag. We’re interested to see pictures of your handbags and what you’ve got in them, which will really help us to get to know you better and piece together just what the average handbag contains.
As part of your post, make sure you take into account just how much the items (including your handbags) are worth. From a designer purse to expensive foundation, the value of the contents of our bags can soon add up.

Well!  I don't carry a handbag.  I'm too busy trying to stay on my feet for that.  But here's what I have on my attractive 3-wheeled walker.

So a cloth bag, free from some competition win or promo
Doggy poo bags £2.50 for a load of them
Keys, guessing about £20 to get them recut.  My partner would change the lock if needed, she wouldn't pay someone to do that.
Phone - easy to use with big buttons, no fancy functions.  I want to be able to talk and text.  I think that was my request!  Can't remember, but maybe £40?
Torch - £20
Sweets!  £1
In winter, maybe some lip salve.

So there we are!  I don't think this is a typical bag, but as this is what I take with me when I walk my dog, it's my bag.  And even just that is over £80.  

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