Sunday, 12 January 2014

No resolutions, no no.

But, I'm not buying, or asking Lisa to buy, any chocolate or sweets for me this month.  And that's going just fine.  Don't miss them either.  Which is amazing considering how many I usually eat.  I'm looking forward to a box of chocolate treats from a giveaway run by .thereadingresidence - we've agreed though, won chocolate doesn't count.

I usually drink pepsi everyday, usually diet pepsi, but even so, not good for my teeth, and the caffeine doesn't do my bladder any good.  Pesky MS.  And I'm not buying any of that either this month.  I'm not missing it.  Which I did expect.  Do I feel better for it?  Not sure, but I don't think I feel worse, so that's okay.  And why spend on empty calories if it doesn't make me feel better?

Time to get back on the exercise bike.  Really don't need to lose any more strength, so got to give it a go.  First time today for a long time, only 4 minutes, but that's better than 0 minutes.

There.  Everyone else seems to have done New Years Resolution type posts, so there's mine.

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