Sunday, 2 February 2014

January Wins!

A lucky comping start to the 2014, still no holiday or car (yet) but some lovely things again.  I tried a couple of radio comps last month, and didn't win the money on offer, but discovered I rather like absolute radio, a good background.

First win of the year was a Chocoholics box thanks to the Reading Residence - thereadingresidence Very tasty, especially that chocolate dipped fudge.
A token for a bottle of Sunny D
Some self tan goop - can't remember what, Lisa has put it with all the rest I've won for her.  She says the cheapest ones seem to be the best.
Thank you Jo at giventodistractingothers, I love my necklace.
Gold nail varnish, thank you elanorsnails  And no, I still haven't attacked Max with it.
Bluray of Harrigan
A Roberts Ecologic 1 from Absolute Radio. This comp - absoluteradio - request a song, and if they mention you and you hear the song being played, ring in and claim your radio. I was all aflibble when I heard my name. I asked for Black Hole Sun, Soundgarden, hadn't been played on Absolute radio before, but I was fairly sure Leona would play it.  And she did.
Last win of the month from booksbiscuitsandtea Wake, by Anna Hope. Look forward to reading that.

So how have the not resolutions gone?  Not bad, no chocolate or biscuits bought, and only one bottle of diet pepsi, drunk by the small glass.  The exercise thing hasn't gone quite so well, I just get so very tired the next day. Just zonked. Oh well!

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