Sunday, 23 March 2014

Eat Cake in Cilcain for the MS Trust

The Cilcain community cafe will be raising funds for the MS Trust on Saturday 29th March, 2-5pm.  Cilcain is in Flintshire, North Wales.  Not that far from Chester.

More than 100,000 people in the UK have MS

57 people every week are diagnosed with MS
The most common symptoms are invisible: fatigue, pain and slowed thinking
MS is the most common neurological condition affecting young people
People are usually diagnosed with MS in their 20s and 30s
MS affects more than twice as many women than men
MS is not a fatal condition
Most people diagnosed with MS will not need to use a wheelchair on a regular basis
At present, there is no cure for MS. But there are many ways that symptoms can be treated.

My parents are running this, with help from others in Cilcain.  A good excuse to eat cake.  Really good cake too.  You could always go for a walk up Moel Famau first to work up an appetite.  If you do, please remember there are lots of lambs about, so your dog must be on a lead at all times.

I copied the info about MS from my Dad's facebook.  I'll just have a look down the list.  Yep, fatigue.  I don't remember what it feels like to have lots of energy.  Pain, not constant for me, but as I type, I have pain in the right side of my neck, not too bad, but maybe time for more meds.  Slowed thinking.  Oh yes.  Slow to recall words, names of things.  I forget stuff.  It's hard doing more than very simple things.  Following a recipe is tricky. Just too complex.  Do this, then this, then this while this.  Nope!  That is just not happening!  Oh well.  What's next on the list.  Yep, I was diagnosed when I was 30.  Was I 30?  Or 31?  Anyway.  I'd got to a reasonable level of fitness, decided what I wanted to do with my life.  Been to the open evening and got the forms for psyche nursing.  Not fatal that list says.  Lisa was floored by my diagnosis because she had a good friend die very young from it.  So her immediate thought was that I would die too.  The wheelchair thing.  I could do with one  now.  It's very limiting not having one.  More for others than for me, I know people want to take me places.  Though I'm not sure how well I'll feel with places rushing past me.  Still.  I'll find out soon enough.  No cure, but symptoms can be treated huh.  I've tried a few drugs for alertness and not found them helpful for me. Baclofen for muscle spasm, that's a good one.  Pain would be worse without it.

Still.  Cake is good!  So if you are in the area next weekend, do come and have a cup of tea and a cake.  

Dad, do send me any links I need to add to this!  Holy Socks will be available!

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