Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Marks and Spencer?

Writing about my MS for the Cake in Cilcain post, I remembered what it was like to hear my diagnosis.  Not all that unexpected for me, what else could it have been?  But Lisa really wasn't expecting it, she was waiting to hear that I just needed to take a tablet or something, and I would be okay.  She'd been trying to give up smoking, but as soon as she heard, she wanted cigarettes.  Pub was closer than the shop, so she went the few doors up the street to the Standard of England.  She wasn't looking very happy and the barmaid asked her what was up.  She said that we'd just found out what was wrong with me.  MS.  

Wot?  Marks and Spencer?

Lisa was close to punching her, but didn't.  And she can't remember if she said or just thought her incredibly thick.  She couldn't tell me that first day, but when she did, a day or so later, we laughed so much.  See what happens if you wear their underwear and eat their sandwiches?  

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