Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Mixed luck in June

First the wins!

This works, perfect legs skin miracle, thank you to feelunique.com on twitter.
£5 tesco online grocery voucher
Olay Regenerist Complexion Corrector thanks to supersavvyme
Dr Browns storage pods on twitter - these arrived very quickly.  Handy pressie for someone.
House of Fraser, Union Jack dog toy. Twitter again.
A footie mascot from a text.

Not a long list, but still fun.

I also had a PVD which wasn't so fun.  Handy wiki link - Posterior vitreous detachment. I was just sitting on the sofa, about to check my emails, when I felt really swimmy, and a swirl of thread appeared in my vision.  Very very odd sensation.  In a few minutes it had changed to bits of squiggles and dots.  My parents were here, thank goodness, though I'm sure it was scary for them too.  My dad is a retired doctor, so he knew all the nasty things it could mean.  I tend to put every ill down to my ms, and go back to bed to sleep it off, but dad was gently insistent that it needed looking at, so I rang for an emergency appointment at the gp.  The gp suggested the optician, so we went to Smith Family Optician, Well Street, Ruthin.  He managed to squeeze me in around his appointments, and had a really good look.  I felt very relieved when he found the problem, partly because he looked so very relieved too.  Not a tear or detached retina, but a tiny, tiny leak.  He rang the eye casualty, and made an appointment for me to go the next day to have his diagnosis confirmed.  It turned out not to be anything very drastic, but it could have been.  And I am stuck with a load of new floaters.  They won't go away, but apparently, I'll get used to them.

If something like this happens to you, don't ignore it, or think it will be okay.  Go get it checked out.  Let the experts decide.

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