Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Little wins in July

No biggies, but still useful.

Flash concentrate floor cleaner. Whoever delivered it didn't think anyone was in, so chucked it over the garden wall. Bit of a surprise for Lisa, it hit her leg.  
Three from the catch a quiche giveaway; Strawberry Urban Fruit, vouchers for a bag of pop chips and a Higgidy little quiche.
Boost exotic fruits. Facebook instant win
Two lots of bagels, New York Bagel Company. One bagel left to eat.
£10 Costa voucher from freederm instant win.
Head and Shoulders 2in1. Thanks to @HeadShouldersUK
Rimmel Wonder'full mascara
Simple Thai Food thanks to
Very nice lasagna dish, and sauces from @LoydFood

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