Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Win £300 to spend on your own #SleepHappy

I do like sleeping, you have probably figured that out already. So when I saw a competition to win £300 to spend on bedroom furniture at Wren Living (wrenliving) on LittleStuff I knew I had to enter.  Okay, everyone knew I had to enter, I do love entering competitions, and you don't have to write a blog post, so go enter everyone, you've got 3 days left.  littlestuff comp

The strangest place I've slept.  Took me a while to remember this one, I fall asleep so easily, watching TV, used to fall asleep in the cinema, but then I remembered.  I slept a couple of hours at Nottingham Pride, could be 10 years ago now.  With all the loudspeakers, singing, chatting, Pride whistles, I ate my picnic, then stretched out and slept.  Lisa had to ward off all sorts of people asking if I was okay, has she drunk too much, got sunstroke, nope.  She's having a nap.  Leave her alone.

My ideal place for a nap?  At home in bed, thank you.  No, not very adventurous, and maybe outside on the deck on a comfy lounger could be lovely.  But.  Could get bitten by midges, and that wouldn't be so lovely.  Lots of mattresses on Wren Living, I wonder if the prize could be spent on that?  Some very expensive ones reduced at the moment.  Expensive to me at least, would like to try those out.  Lots of gorgeous beds and wardrobes, but it occurred to me, some matching bedside tables would be wonderful.  We have an odd collection of mismatched second hand and cobbled together bits, could be handsomely replaced with rustic-jacobean-oak-3-drawer-bedside-table.

This is my entry into the #SleepHappy competition over on LittleStuff  - go enter, it's rafflecopter, so very easy.  Littlestuff - Wren living competition    

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