Sunday, 31 August 2014

A few August goodies and a monster in the kitchen

Tickets to Alison Moyet, Glasgow thanks to Magners on twitter. Couldn't go, and all the family I have there, none of them could go either so had to turn it down. Teach me to be more careful what I rt, thought it might have been for cider. We love Alison too.
Lovely cookbook Spice by Dhruv Baker, thank you Fuss Free Flavours. Visit fussfreeflavours  for lots of recipes and giveaways too.
Happy Egg instant, not arrived yet, so don't know what. Hoping for seeds.
Pantene age defy shampoo and conditioner, supersavvyme 
Louise Penny - The Long Way Home Thanks to goodreads
Silvikrin mousse

That cookbook would make a good Christmas present if anyone is looking for ideas.

Had my final checkup at the eye clinic on Friday, and I've been discharged.  So that's good news at least.  No further changes.  I do still see the floaters, and sometimes everything looks a bit blurry, but oh well.  Can't be helped.  

Now.  This monster.  We can't see it, and we've looked really hard.  But Max our 11 year old GSD can see it.  It's so scary that he can't eat his dinner in the kitchen any more, and wouldn't even come in to clean up all the ham scraps I dropped all over the floor.  Lisa put a towel over the cooker in case he was seeing his own reflection and didn't like that.  So what is he seeing?  Or is it just another marble lost?  We've ended up putting his dinner outside, no monsters there.  Daft old boy.

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