Saturday, 11 July 2015

Lots of wins in June

Diamond glass set of 2, Win something
Multipower giro pack - recovery stuff, tshirt and drinks bottle
Demolition Dad - Mumsnet
Fatboy Slim Collection - no idea where from
Kajaki on dvd, Car Mechanic
12 bottles of salad cream - Heart
Sunglasses - TV Choice
Cadbury Puddles - Thanks Jo at given to distracting others
Pretty Is, First reads / Orion. I am very selective with book giveaways, no selfpublished.
£50 cheque from Take a Break.  

So nothing huge, but I do love being told I'm a winner.  The salad cream win was hilarious.  I was trying for an itunes voucher, but no.  Lisa collected a huge very heavy jiffy bag from the post office with 12 bottles of the stuff.  On her birthday.  She doesn't even like the stuff.

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