Thursday, 31 January 2013

January Catchup

So, what's happened this month?  Lovely party for little Brooke's christening, I was very happy with lots of savoury eats followed gorgeous meringue and fruit salad.


My daughter had the big one - that ipad mini from the Sun.  Which was nice!

I've not had anything that big, but still, enough to keep me happy.

  • Family Guy dvd from Look magazine, the daily entries.
  • A pink leather diary from @TeamJslater It's lovely! 
  • Pringles speaker, win or freebie we don't mind. Doesn't sound bad at all!
  • Bronze Ambition Limited Edition Gift Pack - lots of self tan, 12 bottles, application mitt, and a bag. Also from Look.
  • Thanks to I entered for borax without noticing that it was USA only. But she let me nominate a friend when I won! So I'll count it as a win, and if any US friends are reading this, do visit her blog.
  • My last win of the month Looking forward to seeing this, looks cool.
  • According to Real People on line, I've won 13 on DVD. Wonder if I'll ever get that? I didn't get an email telling me about it, but I wouldn't think there's another of me in Ruthin, it's a tiny place.

So, I'll see what the rest of the year brings, that's a nice start.

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