Monday, 14 January 2013

Can't believe I've forgotten about this for so long!  It's now 2013. 

MS update - walking is getting harder, it's not much fun.  I've borrowed my parents'  exercise bike to try to build up a little strength and maintain range of movement.  I can't walk far enough to keep fit now.  Grrr.  Still, Max isn't keen on being out for long in this weather, he doesn't like the rain in his face.  Huge GSD, loves swimming in the river, and doesn't like his face getting wet.  Daft creature.

Comping-wise?  Well, my daughter rang me today to say she's won an ipad mini!  That was the Sun hourly comp back in november that I told her about, so I'll count it as a win.  That's pretty cool!  Lovely to get the excited phone call.  She'd missed the email saying she was a winner, as she didn't think it was anything, so just went to the post office with the card to collect a missed parcel.  She'd had the card a few days too as she's been busy with university work.  Goodness!  Good thing she collected that one!

So far this month I've won some tanning goop and a dvd from look magazine online.  The daily entries.  The dvd has arrived already, still waiting on the goop.  Also waiting for a lovely pink diary from @TeamJSlater .  And how could I forget the little speaker that clips to a pringles tub.  Actually, for a freebie, it's great!  And, dreadful I know, I had to buy and eat some Pringles for my partner to be able to use it.  What a task.

So.  Hopes for the year.
That my daughter graduates well - well enough that makes her feel it was all worth while.
To win a second Ipad of some sort.  My partner would really really like one.  We don't buy toys, just wait for me to win them.
For good health for us all.  As well as we can manage at least. 

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