Monday, 4 March 2013

March already...

I've got my new glasses now, things haven't looked this sharp in a long time.  And reading glasses too, magic!  I can read again.  Strange this getting old business.

Some nice little prizes last month

Grappling gloves from, okay so I wouldn't know what to do with them, but my partner is happy

The Agincourt Bride by Joanna Hickson in paperback.  From Woman's Own Magazine daily entry comps.  I rather fancy their comp for a CoolFire Tea Light Holder so I'll keep entering that when I remember.

Blinkbox on twitter said they would send me some popcorn, I'll chase that.

Lots of baking and icing goodies!  Thanks to the Piping Fairy  Baking goodies!

Disney goody bag from National Holidays.  That was on competwition.  I received a cute soft Mickey, a Mickey pen and a Disney beaker with lid and straw.

And £35 to spend on takeout through thanks to on twitter.  My student daughter and housemates in York will benefit from that.

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  1. The takeout was a March win. Daughter and friends had a fab sounding meal. They cooked their own rice and ordered

    chicken korma
    chicken madras
    'hiran ka gosht' - venison in a masala sauce!
    battakh - duck tikka cooked in a bhuna style sauce with fresh curry leaves and coriander, served with a specially fried whole duck egg
    saag aloo
    prawn chaat
    and looots of naan